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List of Best Schools in Ajman UAE 2016 Fees and Rating

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List of Best Schools in Ajman UAE 2016. Compare all schools according to their international rankings and rating of 2016 in UAE. Top ranking school list in Ajman for Indians, Pakistani’s and British Kids. Full details of private and English medium schools, their addresses, contact numbers, full name, physical addresses and other information like Fees criteria, admission opening dates and official websites.

School name  Tel   Level CurriculumSchool fees (AED)WebsiteLocation
Abu Obaidah Bin Al Jarrah Private School  +971-6-7433222K-12Arabic6,500-11,000Al Jurf, Al Zahra school zone
Ajman Academy School  +971-6-7314444K-12Arabic, UK IB, IBPYP30,000-57,000ajmanacademy.comAl Muwaihat
Ajman Intermediate English School  +971-6-7426015 K-10Indian CBSE1,250-2,150ajmanieschool.orgAl Owan, near Al Nakheel
Ajman Modern School  +971-6-7431168K-10Arabic, UAE, US IPC, IMYC10,000-19,825amschool.aeAl Jurf, near Emirates Road 
Ajman National School  +971-6-7436444  Arabic, UAE MOEnationalschoolajman.aeAl Jurf, near Ajman University
Ajman Private School  +971-6-7480444 K-12Arabic, UAE MOEajmanps.comAl Jurf, Al Zahra school zone
Al Ahlam Indian Private School  +971-6-7487800  Indian CBSEalahlamschool.comAl Jurf, Hamidiya
Al Ahlia Charity School for Girls  +971-6-7442929   Arabiccharityschools.comAl Bustan
Al Ameer English School  +971-6-7436600K-12Indian CBSE3,300-6,200alameerschool.comAl Zahra schools area behind Ajman City Center
Al Aqsa Private School  +971-6-7438449K-12Arabic, UAE7,000-12,200alaqsaps.comAl Jurf, Al Zahra school zone
Al Hikma Private School  +971-6-7464040  Arabic, UAE MOE5,000-12,000alhikmahsch.comAl Naemiah (Al Naemiya, Al Naimia)
Al Iman Private School  +971-6-7490100PrimaryArabic, UAE MOE5,700-6,500Al Zahra
Al Karama Private School  +971-6-7434446K-12ArabicAl Zahra
Al Manama Private School Ajman  +971-6-8827808PrimaryArabicAl Dhaid
Al Mushairef Model School    UAE MOEAjman, UAE
Al Nouamia Private School  +971-6-7464820  ArabicAjman, UAE
Al Saad Indian School  +971-6-7426213  Indian1750.0Al Nakheel, Al Rumailah
Al Sateh Primary School   Ajman, UAE
American School Ajman PrimaryUSAjman, UAE
Azhar Al Mustaqbal School Ajman  +971-6-7446166  Ajman, UAE
Bloomington Academy Ajman  PrimaryUK EYFS, NCthebloomingtonacademy.comAl Bustan
British International School Ajman  +971-6-7424440K-12UK10,000-16,000bisuae.aeAl Nuaimiyah
Deans International School Ajman    US, UAE AP, SAT, UAE-MOE12,852-20,518Al Jurf, Al Zahra school zone
Delhi Public School Ajman    Indian CBSEAjman, UAE
Future Flowers Private School  +971-6-7448899PrimaryArabic/Indian CBSE4,500-5,500Rumailah
Habitat Private School Ajman  +971-6-7315151K-12Indian CBSEhabitatschool.orgAl Jurf
Indian School Ajman  +971-6-7437477K-12Indian CBSE2,500-4,500indianschoolajman.orgAl Jurf, Al Zahra school zone
International Indian School Ajman  +971-6-7408333K-12Indian CBSEiisajman.orgAl Jurf, Al Zahra school zone
Manar Al Eman Charity School  +971-6-7433899  Arabic, MOEmanar.aeAl Jurf, Al Zahra school zone
Model Private School Ajman  +971-6-7421242  New Industrial Area
National Charity School Branch Ajman  +971-6-7470137  Arabiccharityschools.comAjman, UAE
Omadaa International School  +971-6-7434446  US, UAE AP, SAT, UAE-MOE12,852-20,518omadaa.comAl Jurf, Al Zahra school zone
Omar Bin Al Khattab Pakistan School  +971-6-7467634K-12Pakistan FBISE, FBIS2,400-5,100Al Nuaimiyah, Al Nuaimia
Pakistan Islamia Secondary School Ajman  +971-6-7434374K-12Pakistan FBISE3,100-6,650pakistanischool.comAl Zahra, Al Hamidyah Rd
Prince English School Ajman  +971-6-7420720  Indian CBSEAjman, UAE
Rashidiya Islamic School  +971-6-7425593PrimaryArabic2500.0Al Jurf or Rumayla
The First Academy Ajman K-12Arabic/USfirstacademy.orgAjman, UAE
The Royal Academy Ajman  +971-6-7494449K-12Indian CBSEroyalacademyajman.comAl Hamidiya

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