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List of Best Schools in Al Ain UAE 2016 with Fee & Rating

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Find the list of best Schools in Al Ain UAE 2016 with Fee structure, and according to latest Ranking and rating 2016. Compare all Schools of Alain UAE with their Fees, Admission criteria, Private Sector schools, English Medium Schools for Indians and British level institutes. This is updated list of all Schools situated in Al Ain United Arab Emirates with their full name, addresses, official websites, contact details and other information that help you to choose suitable school for your kids from primary to high level.

School name Tel Level CurriculumSchool fees (AED)WebsiteLocation
Abdullah Bin Zubair Private School  +971-3-7680551 PrimaryArabic/UK NC, IB10,800-16,200abzschool.comAl Maqam
Al Adhwa Private School  +971-3-7828870 K-12Arabic/US/UK5,988-16,715aladhwa-sch.netFalaj Hazza, Magar Al Dhabi
Al Ain American School  +971-3-7677000 PrimaryArabic/US14,000-22,500alainamericanschool.comAl Bateen
Al Ain English Speaking School  +971-3-7678636 K-12Arabic/UK A-level, IGCSE19,734-39,468aaess.comSchools Rd, Falaj Hazzaa
Al Ain International School  +971-3-7151000 PrimaryUK NC EYFS KS1 KS239,600-48,510alaininternational.sch.aeAl Salam St, Al Sarooj district 
Al Ain Juniors School  +971-3-7810077 K-12Indian/UK IGCSE, O-AS-A-levels, CBSE4,232-12,447alainjuniors.comFalaj Hazza School Zone
Al Ain Khaleej School  +971-3-7811232   Al Manaseer
Al Amal Kindergarten and School   
Al Andalus Private Academy  +971-3-7829980 K-12Arabic UAE MOEalandalus-sch.netFalaj Hazza school zone
Al Awael Private School  +971-3-7806070 K-12Arabic/UAE MOE5,000-10,000Falaj Hazza School Zone
Al Dahma Model School  +971-3-7678880   UAEAl Bateen
Al Dar Private School Al Ain  +971-3-7832215   Arabic/UAEAl Ain, UAE
Al Dhafra Private School Al Ain  +971-3-7671123 K-12Arabic/UK/US A-level, IGCSE, SAT9,453-18,368dhafra-alain.sch.aeSchools Road, Manaseer
Al Ettehad Private School  +971-3-7519002   PakistanAl Ain, UAE
Al Hamdaniya Grand Private School  +971-3-7671400 PrimaryArabic/UAEAl Muwaiji
Al Hilal Private School PrimaryPakistan1,250-1,500Al Ain, UAE
Al Ittihad School Al Ain  +971-3-7811164 PrimaryArabic/US15,000-25,800ittihadschools.comAl Ain, UAE
Al Khalil International Private School  +971-3-7820676 PrimaryArabic MOEFalaj Haza School Zone
Al Nashaa Al Saleh Private School  +971-3-7630444 K-12Arabic/US Montessori, MOE, Advanced6,500-18,960alnashaa.sch.aeAl Towayya
Al Saad Indian School Al Ain  +971-3-7852232 PrimaryIndian CBSE8,500-10,000bhavansalain.comAl Bateen, Al Ghadeer
Al Safwa Private School  +971-3-7811799 K-12Arabic/UAE MOEalsafwaps.comFalaj Hazza
Al Sanawbar School  +971-3-7679889 K-12Arabic/UK/US A-level, IGCSE12,000-25,000alsanawbarschool.comFalaj Hazza, New Manasir 
Al Sarooj School    Arabic/UAEAl Ain, UAE
Al Yahar Private School  +971-3-7816788   Arabic/UK4,000-23,000Al Yahar
Aldar Academies Primary School Al Ain  PrimaryUKnear Hilton Hotel
Alia International Private School Al Ain  +971-3-7848992 K-12Arabic/US MOEaliaintschool.comAl Sharooj 3
Baraem Al Ain Private School  +971-3-7678848 K-12Arabic/UAE/US MOE, HS Diploma, co-ed4,000-10,000Al Muwaiji, Falaj Hazza school zone
Brighton College Al Ain UAE  +971-3-7133999 K-12UK GCSE, A-Level47,530-72,680brightoncollegealain.aeGafat Al Nayar, Zakher
Choueifat Al Ain  +971-3-7678444 K-12Choueifat SABIS20,000-35,000iscalain-sabis.netAl Muwaiji 
Darul Huda Islamic School  +971-3-7677883   Indian CBSEAl Ain, UAE
Elite Music Institute Al Ain     Music School2,500-15,300elitemusicedu.comAl Muwaiji
Emirates National School Al Ain  +971-3-7616888 K-12Arabic/UK/US IBPYP, IBMYP, IB, AP19,000-53,770ens.sch.aeAl Towayah
Emirates Private School Al Ain  +971-3-7679322 K-12Arabic/UK/US A-level, ACT5,500-10,500Falaj Hazza School Zone
First Lebanon School  +971-3-7806780 K-12Arabic/UAE MOEFalaj Hazza School Zone
Future International School Al Ain  +971-3-7666771   Arabic/USAl Salam Street, Al Neyadat
Global English School Al Ain  +971-3-7678844 K-12UK Montessori, IGCSE, A, AS Levelgeschooluae.comManaseer
Grace Valley Indian School  +971-3-7805511   Indian CBSE-i3,000-4,500gracevalleyschool.comManasir, Falaj Hazza
Hope Centre Al Ain  +971-3-7669494   Special NeedsAl Ain, UAE
House of Arts Al Ain  +971-3-7626651   Music danceartalain.infoOpposite Al Ain Hospital, Al Jimi area
Ibn Khaldoun Islamic Private School  +971-3-7814785 K-12UAE Arabic MOE, co-ed, KG2-G122,500-7,500Al Yahar
Indian Islahi School Al Ain    Indian CBSEAl Ain, UAE
Indian School Al Ain  +971-3-7678972 K-12Indian CBSEindianschoolalain.orgAl Ain, UAE
Institute of Applied Technology Al Ain  +971-3-7043000 SecondaryUAE MOEiat.ac.aeAl Foah Rd, Hili area
International Private School Al Ain  +971-3-7674844 K-12UAE Arabic MOE4,000-11,880Near Al Jahili Park
Iranian School Al Ain  +971-3-7676593   Iranianalain-irs.comAl Manaseer
Khalifa Bin Zayed School Al Ain  +971-3-7636661   UAE Arabic GSECkhalifasch.comAl Jimi
Liwa International School  +971-3-7810444 K-12Arabic/UK/US IGCSE, SAT, AP13,680-24,605liwaschool.comAl Ain, UAE
Liwa Private School  K-12Al Ain, UAE
Lycee Francais Theodore Monod Ecole Al Ain  +971-3-7677941 PrimaryFrenchaflec-fr.org/alain Al Ain, UAE
Madar International School  +971-3-7611330 K-12Arabic/UK/US A-level, SATmadarschool.comStreet 20, Madi, Al Towayyah
Madar International School Al Hayer  +971-3-7612538 PrimaryArabic/USmadarschool.comAl Hayer
Manor Hall International School  +971-3-7810891   UAE Arabic /US21,000-35,000manorhallschool.comFalaj Hazza School Zone
Mohammed Bin Khalid Generations School  +971-3-7805554 PrimaryUAE Arabic MOE, co-ed, KG-G610,000-14,000smbkc-school.comFalaj Hazza
New Al Ain British School     UK NCAl Ain, UAE
New Indian Model School Al Ain  +971-3-7811882 K-12Indian CBSE, SSLC2,250-3750nimsalain.comAl Manseer, Al Manaseer St and Building
Oasis International School     Indian CBSEAl Ain, UAE
Oasis School Al Ain    Indian CBSEAl Sarooj Street
Our Own English High School Al Ain  +971-3-7679747 K-12Indian CBSE, CIE AS A-levels3,324-6,924gemsoo-alain.comOld Sarooj District
Pakistan Islamia School Al Ain  +971-3-7677878 K-12Pakistan FBISE SSC2,540-4,750Al Manaseer
Palestine School and Kindergarten  +971-3-7678914   ArabicAl Ain, UAE
Sultan Bin Zayed School  +971-3-7551367   UAEAl Ain, UAE
Sunflower School Al Ain  +971-3-7828300   UK Cambridge, IPC14,000-19,500sunflowerschool-alain.webs.comFalaj Haza
Taiba Private School Al Ain  +971-3-7616530 PrimaryArabic/USAl Khabaisi
Tawam Model Private School  +971-3-7810912 K-12UAE Arabic MOEFalaj Hazza School Zone
United School of Al Yahar  +971-3-7819799 K-12UAE Arabic /US12,000-19,000Al Yahar
Universal Private School Al Ain  +971-3-7678884 K-12UAE Arabic /UK MOE, NC4,000-13,500universalschool.aeAl Muwaiji, Falaj Hazza school zone
Wellspring School Al Ain  K-12UAE Arabic /USwellspringschool.aeAl Ain, UAE
Zahrat Al Madain Private School    Al Ain, UAE
Zakher Private School  +971-3-7820257 PrimaryArabic /UK7,800-9,300zakherprivateschool.comFalaj Hazza School Zone

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