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List of Best Schools in Sharjah 2016 with Fees & Rating

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Find the list of best Schools in Sharjah 2016 with Fees and their international Rating 2016. Separate list of Schools for Indians in Sharjah, UAE and separate schools for British students. Compare all the schools here with their name, location, contact number, admission opening dates, education system and their official websites. This updated list of schools will help you to select the best suited institute for your children. For any query you can contact us directly and our expert will guide you and show you opportunities to take admissions in schools of Sharjah including English medium schools and Private sector primary and high schools.

School name Tel Level CurriculumSchool fees (AED)WebsiteLocation
Al Amana Private School  +971-6-5676783 K-10 Arabic, UK IGCSE7,250-10,500amanaschool.comAl Ramla West, off Al Wahda St.
Al Ansar International School  +971-6-5459441 K-12 Arabic/UK A-level, IGCSE10,750-19,150alansarschool.netAl Gharayen 3
Al Maarifa Private School  +971-6-5014444 K-12 Arabic, UK, US UAE, SAT, IGCSE, A-level5,000-19,300almarifa-intsch.aeAl Yarmouk
Al Mawahib British Private School  +971-6-5670077 PrimaryArabic/UAE10,000-17,000almawahibschool.comHalwan
Al Rushed American School  +971-6-5358000 K-10 Arabic, US9,000-15,000alrushedsch.aeMuweileh
American Community School Sharjah  +971-6-5227583 K-12 US IB32,000-53,000acssharjah.orgMaliha Rd, near Sharjah University
American School of Creative Science  +971-6-5055000 K-12 Arabic, MOE, US KG1-G419,500-28,600ascs.sch.aeMaliha Rd
Australian International School Sharjah  +971-6-5589967 K-12 Australian IB, Queensland30,000-54,000ais.aeMaliha to Kalba Rd
Brilliant International Private School  +971-6-5442420   Indian/UK Cambridge, EYFS, IGCSE11,000-17,000bips.aeMuweilah, Sharjah school zone area
Dawha School Sharjah  +971-6-5226500 K-12 Arabic / US, SAT, TOEFL12,000-18,000dawhaschool.aeAl Azra
Delhi Private School Sharjah  +971-6-5345352 K-12 Indian CBSE8,630-11,530dpssharjah.comMuwaileh
Emirates National School Sharjah  +971-6-5242252 K-12 Indian CBSE3,200-6,400theemiratesnationalschool.comAl Nekhailat
French School Sharjah  +971-6-5673430 Primary French18,700-22,500lfigp.orgSharjah
ASPAM Indian International School  +971-6-5677372 KG-Grade 4Indian, CBSE, GDGPS (G D GPS)12,000-14,000http://aspamiis.com/Al Azra school zone 
GEMS Millennium School Sharjah  +971-6-5358176 Primary Indian CBSE8,800-11,550gemsmillenniumschool-sharjah.comMuweilah schools area
GEMS Westminster School Sharjah  +971-6-5426323 K-12 Arabic, UK, IGCSE, AS, A-Level12,000-18,000gemswestminsterschool-sharjah.comAl Muwaileh
German School Sharjah  +971-6-5676014 K-10German17,500-33,000dssharjah.comCultural Square, behind Sharjah TV station 
Ibn Seena English School  +971-6-5582071 K-12Indian/UK A-level, O-level5,320-10,384ibnseenaenglishhighschool.comBehind Dana Plaza, Al Shahba
International School of Creative Science  +971-6-5344444 K-12Arabic, UK, MOE, NC, IGCSE, AS, A Level18,000-35,500iscs.sch.aeMuweilah school zone
Iqra School Sharjah  +971-6-5351166 K-12UAE, US10,200-21,000iqraaschool.comMuweilah
Leaders Private School  +971-6-5225560 K-10Indian CBSE6,000-9,250leadersprivateschool.comAl Azra
New Filipino Private School  +971-6-5661331 K-10Philippines, USTET, UPCAT3,100-5,300newfilipinoprivateschool.comSharjah
OOEHS Sharjah Boys  +971-6-5355227 K-12Indian CBSE6,050-9,680gemsourownenglishboys-sharjah.comAl Moweillah
Our Own English High School Sharjah  +971-6-5386486 K-12Indian CBSE5,324-10,648gemsoo-sharjah.comIndustrial Area 6
Pakistan Islamia Secondary School Sharjah  +971-6-5670700   Pakistan FBISE2,700-5,000Al Ghubaiba
Radiant School  +971-6-5663128 K-10Indian CBSE2,300-2,500radiantschsharjah.comAl Yarmouk
Sama American Private School  +971-6-5242222 K-10Arabic, UAE, US National Curriculum10,800-21,000samaamericanschool.aeAl Azra school zone 
Scholars International Academy  +971-6-5355033 Primary UK18,810-26,160scholarsinternational.comNear Sharjah University City
School of Knowledge Sharjah  +971-6-5249797 Primary Indian / UK6,240-7,450schoolofknowledgeshj.comAl Azra school zone 
Sharjah American International School  +971-6-5380000 K-12 Arabic/US, AP, SAT13,000-33,000saisuae.comNear Sharjah Traffic Department
Sharjah British International School  +971-6-5347722 K-12 Arabic, UAE, UK, IGCSE, A-levels15,400-30,190sharjahbritishinternationalschool.comAl Muweilah schools area
Sharjah English School  +971-6-5589304 K-12 UK, GCSE, AS, A-Level25,000-70,000sharjahenglishschool.orgMaliha Rd, Al Juraina
Sharjah Indian School  +971-6-5670560 K-12 Indian, CBSE, ICBSE3,530-5,860sissharjah.comAl Ghubaiba
Taryam American Private School  +971-6-5216000   Arabic, US15,450-22,000taryamamericanschool.orgAl Azra school zone 
The Indian Academy Sharjah  +971-6-5549786 K-10Indian CBSE9,000-11,000tiasharjah.iqraeducation.netAl Azra school zone 
Victoria English School  +971-6-5227770 K-12 UK, A-level, IGCSE14,830-31,500victoriaenglishschool.aeAl Azra school zone 
Victoria International School Sharjah  +971-6-5771999 K-12 Australian VCE27,000-57,000viss.aeAl Mamzar near Sharjah Expo
Wesgreen International School  +971-6-5346333 K-12 UAE/UK A-level, IGCSE14,550-36,050wesgreen.netMuwailah and Al Qarain

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