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Watch video of Deepika Padukone real secret of fitness

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NIKE brand is well known for making inspirational, and motivational ads and the newly released video is no exception. The newly released video features brilliant women who are struggling and battling through a tough session performing the various workout. The video is a part of new NIKE campaign for sportswear especially for women who perform yoga, spinning, running and exercising. The less enthusiastic thoughts are trying to envelop them, but they are fighting their thoughts during the training sessions.

It features many famous athletes of basketball, cricket, hockey, badminton and much more. The gorgeous Deepika Padukone is also a part of video who shows her dedication towards fitness and sports. Woman together shows their dedication and commitment towards the intense workouts. They want to deliver that sports encourage women to move forward in life and push themselves by acknowledging and recognizing the struggles they have to face in life and during the workout.

The primary purpose and the idea behind the video is to inspire and motivate women to accept new challenges so that they can conquer their goals by staying healthy, fit and active.

By: Faryal Nadeem

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