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MORPHE 35W palette review and swatches


MORPHE 35W is a great palette because it comprises of warmer shade. The product is versatile and has so many colors and finishes. It is a great palette for smoky looks, natural looks and to have warm toned eye makeup. According to the price the shadows are amazing. As compared to other high-end eyeshadows, MORPHE palette shades are smooth, pigmented, and easy to use and are bendable. This is a pro palette which proves to be portable and flat in shape. It is perfect for a makeup artist to carry. However, the packaging seriously does not matter. What is actually inside it, actually matters?



Point to ponder

This palette contains the matte colors only they do not have any frosts or shimmers. These colors are best for the evening as well as for every day because they create a dramatic and natural look. These are rich, deep and intense shades. It is perfect for the beautiful bride or the girl who uses everyday shade; they are super soft and easy to blend.

Review of Makeup Artists about MORPHE 35W


The review is totally bias and based on the statement of professional makeup artists

The first thing told by them is that Morphe palette is less expensive as compared to other palettes. The reason for this is that Morphe palettes are in round pans, and the palette hardware structure is not so expensive. It does not contain any mirror or is flat in shape.

The quality of the MORPHY palette exactly matches o the quality of professional and other expensive palettes. The ingredients used in the color shades are almost same, and the shades are very appealing and widely in demand.

One artist concluded that “you surely have to try the MORPHE brushes palette because it is an amazing palette. So save yourself some money.”

The user of MORPHE palette concluded that the shades are totally better than many high-end palettes because they are creamy, soft, pigmented as well as buttery. They are simply awesome and are not any typical palette. You can buy from the MORPHY website

Take a look at MORPHE swatches

Row 1


This row contains very lovely colors. From left to right 1. Smooth white, 2. Light nude peach, 3. Frosty off white, 4. Light matte taupe Cashmere, 5. Metallic champagne shade, 6. Light dusty rose matte, 7. Chocolate brown matte


The swatches are in natural light and are shown in order. However the 4th tone is not very dark, but when applied on the eyes, it looks gorgeous. You can observe that shades are not chalky. They are shimmery and metallic.

Row 2


This row is full of warm shades which include 1. Metallic copper shade, 2. Caramel brown matte, 3. Chocolate brown matte, 4. Foiled copper brown metallic shade, 5. Red based metallic brown, 6. Redish metallic copper brown, 7. Dark caramel.


Row 3


This row contains neutral and warm colors. 1. Metallic gold, 2. Metallic bronze, 3. Chocolate brown matte, 4. Cocoa Brown Matte, 5. Chocolate Brown, 6. Grey-brown, 7. Chrome Bronze.


Row 4


These are the cool tones which will look gorgeous. 1. Ice blue metallic, 2. Pastel periwinkle, 3. Taupe Brown, 4. Metallic bronze, 5. Copper bronze, 6. Dark grey, 7. Grey/purple tone.MORPHE-Brushes-35k-eyeshadow-palette-row-4-swatches-and-reviews

Row 5


This row contains the cool tones which are the range of denim shade. 1. Icey blue, 2. Denim blue, 3. Metallic blue, 4. Matte denim blue, 5. Dark denim blue with silver shade, 6. Midnight blue, 7. Matte jet black.


However, the MORPHE 35W palette is amazing and worth a try. It contains sensational colors which are perfectly blended able, high quality and ultra-pigmented. So order yours now.

 By: Faryal Nadeem


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