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Check out the Top Eight Trendy Eyeliner styles for Every Occasion!


Check out the Top Eight Trendy Eyeliner styles for Every Occasion!

Give your pretty eyes the attention they need by following the top eight trendy eyeliner styles of this year and forget the old fashioned ways .Throw away your boring black eyeliner pencil and try the awesome application styles that are perfect for stepping up your game altogether. So ladies, fasten your seat belts, scroll down and join us on the eyeliner tutorial ride which will leave you and your friends totally fascinated!

 Classic Eyeliner for Everyday, Everywhere

simple 1

Simple eyeliner be it a basic line or a winged one, gives the eyes the exclusivity they need even on a regular day. Here are the four trouble-free steps of applying the eyeliner within minutes. This eyeliner can be worn in the office, on a daytime function and even when simply getting together with friends for coffee.

For those of you who find it difficult to apply the basic eyeliner, here are two easy ways to practice for a flawless outcome.

The ‘Spoon method’. Everyone has a spoon at home and it couldn’t get easier than this!

simple with spoon

The ‘Classic Tape method’. Apply tape above and below your eyes as shown in the picture and easily fill the gap with your pencil or gel eyeliner for the perfect application. Slowly strip away the tape and yay! You just applied eyeliner.

simple tape

Magical Glittery Eyes

glitter main

Glittery eyes is the new summer trend for a glossy extravaganza that surely creates an obvious difference. Explore and enjoy the new look with different glitter colors and play around by applying it alone, with a gel eyeliner, above or below your eyes for a totally unique appeal.


Go for the Glitter ombre effect for a more diverse trendy look for parties, dinners and special occasions.

Forget Winged – Double Wing it Up!

double winged

The versatile winged eyeliner is popular but certainly contemporary. Leap up and try out the new double winged liner to step up your eyeliner game for a brand new look. This style works best with gel eyeliners.

double wing 2double winged liner

Either create equal wings above and below the eyes or go for the long parallel lines like shown in the picture above.

Famous Cat Eye Look

cat eye

Have you ever tried the Cat Eye look? It looks fabulous and truly brings out the shape of the eyes. Follow the steps given in the picture and create your very own cat eyes in a jiffy. Just create lines on the inner and the outer eye and keep filling it in. Not too hard, is it?

cateyeliner 2

Cat eyes are famous for the dark lines around the eyes for a more noticeable look. Either use Kajal inside your eyes or your eyeliner below the eyes to create a fantabulous impression.

Ombre is the new IN!


We all have come across the ombre effect in nails but eyes? Wow! What an innovation. Check out the appealing ombre eyes which can be created in tones of shades and color combos for glamorous eyes. Simply choose three colors, keep applying by starting on the inner eye and join the colors. Voila! You will have the trendy ombre eyes within minutes.

ombre 2

Create your own ombre designs with your favorite colors. Here in another way of applying the ombre liner for a crispy color effect. Apply a white base liner and load it up with colored shades.

Arabic Eyes are getting the attention


Arabic eyes are prominent, noticeable and definitely mysterious. Even though this look requires expert level eye shadow application, but if you don’t have the time or the expertise, don’t worry. For achieving Arabic eyes you can simply go for the same eyeliner style.

arabic 3arabic 2

Try out the smoky Arabic eyes in your favorite colors. Gold is trending but nonetheless, classic black smoky eyes will never go out of fashion!

Dramatic Smoky Eye liner

dramatic 2

For an intense look, experiment with the dramatic smoky liner by simply applying your pencil/ kohl eyeliner and smudging it up. Yes! Smudging it the only move you need to make. Smudge the liner on the outer rim of the eye, below the eye and into the crease till you get the desired look.

Cut Crease Liner technique

cut crease

The cut crease liner was only being seen on the magazines or at weddings. Now, they are getting the spotlight once again. This look is not as hard as it seems when seen but it definitely requires patience and application skills. Follow the steps shown in the picture and create your cut crease eyes for your next anniversary party. Create a cut crease look by using three different shades. The key is to play around with lighter and darker shades and mostly blending techniques.

cut crease 3

Add glitter in this look and you will have all eyes on you all night long at the party.


So ladies, this is it for today. Hope you enjoyed the trendy eyeliner styles. Don’t forget to try at least three this season and post pictures!

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