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A la mode styles for your Selfie Diaries 2016!


Selfies need no introduction as they are the trendiest way to make memories and capture moments. We all love taking selfies be it any occasion but are you aware of the art of taking selfies? Let your phones snap your selfies with a single click without bothering to take the second selfie for perfection. Below is the ultimate tip catalog for selfie obsessed people who really wana stack up some instagram followers and Facebook love emoji’s. Scroll down, choose your favorite style and Snap it!

Light it up!

natural lightlight selfie

Let your beauty dominate the picture just with the help of some lighting. Find the light source, tilt your phone at the best angle and click it away! See Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif rocking their selfies.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

mirror selfiemirror 2

If you are bored with the contemporary selfies, try out the mirror selfie with your sisters or friends by your side like Karishma Kapoor does it. Or maybe, just show off more of yourself in the mirror like Jacqueline Fernandez.

T-rex style is the new trend


Show the camera some excitement like these Bollywood celebs by posing with your hands shaped like T-rex claws. Although dinosaurs are extinct, why not put our endangered species hats on for a bit!

Keep it glamorous!

glamor 2glamor priyanka

Let your glamour shine through the selfies you click. If you have IT, what’s the harm in showing off? Sun glasses makes the pictures look even more glamorous.

Furrfie- Selfies with the pets

alia pet selfiepet

Show some animal affection by capturing furrfies! Yes, furrfies, a cute dedication to the adorable pets we own. Aren’t these cats adorable?

Love to eat? Show it

eating selfie 2

eat 3 neha dhupia artistic selfie

If your food is yummilliocious and whether you are on a diet or not, show some love for the delightful cupcakes, tasty drinks, amazingly decorated ice creams, cakes and let your friends envy you with tummy rolls!

Red Luscious Lips

red lips 2red lips

Red lips are the definition of ultimate beauty when it comes to makeup and fashion. Show off your red lips this summer like these super stars do at parties. Choose the cool angles of your phone, stand under the light and flaunt away!

The Honey Love Selfie

love selfie 2love selfie

Our significant others are our other halves. Share your phone screens with them and click some lovey dovey selfies like Akhshay Kumar, Reteish Deshmuk and their gorgeous wives.

Forget SPF and get the sun kissed glow!

sun selfieIn the sun priyanka

Enjoy your day out in the sun like Priyanka Chopra and click away some sun kissed photos which will bring out the glow in you.

Flaunt your Accessories

show off 1show off 3show off 4show off 2

If you look ravishing, why not show it off like these bollywood divas? Whenever you get geared up for an outing and load up with pretty accessories, don’t forget to take a picture or two for your Instagram and Snap chat!

Pout will never go out of Fashion

pout 2

Pouts are definitely here to stay so loads up your Facebook, Instagram and Snap chat with pout pictures! Check out Shradha’s fish pout. Isn’t it too adorable?

pout selfie

LOL Guys, not so much!

Throw in your Culture

cultureshow some culture

Sonkhshi Senha and Sonam Kapoor take lovely selfies full of culture where they both show off their makeup, beautiful desi clothes, henna and the gorgeous traditional jewelry. Take your traditional snaps at weddings and Eid.

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