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Perfect Selfie Apps for your Perfect selfie Snaps!


We are all aware of the selfie craze that has taken over the entire social media. While some characterize taking selfies as a psychological disorder, we totally believe that selfies rock and are definitely here to stay.  What makes your selfies even better are Selfie Editing Apps. Hence, we have compiled the top ten selfie apps for you so that you can make your selfies glamorous, gorgeous and classy!

You Cam Perfect


You Cam Perfect is one of a kind editing app for your selfies which allows you to play around with skin tones, blemish removals, teeth whitening and much more. The best part is the face shaper!

Compatibility: Android Phones

Available at: Google Play Store



Retrica is a famous selfie editing application which has loads to offer. With more than hundreds of filters, collage builders, timer, water marking options and much more, this app is taking the phones by the storm.

Compatibility: Android Phones 2.3.3 and higher

Available at: Google Play Store

Cam Me

cam me app

If you have an IPhone, you need this selfie app. This app is getting the spotlight for apple users and rightly so. The app offers cool photo booth features which surprisingly clicks many pictures simultaneously, giving you nostalgia for the original photo booth machines. The app also offers cool location backgrounds and other on purchase features.

Compatibility: iOS 7 and higher

Available at: iTunes Store

Front back


Enjoy your selfies both ways. That’s right! This interesting app allows you to capture your selfie as well as another photo from the rear camera. This way, you have a front back picture merged in one. You can also make a 5 second video. Isn’t it really cool?

Compatibility: iOS 7 and higher

Available at: iTunes Store

Perfect 365

perfect 365

If you are a girl, this app is made for you. The ‘one tap makeover’ feature allows you to look flawless with the blink of an eye. To give it a real touch, this app offers manual hair styling, skin smoothing, teeth whitening, dark circle removals, eye color changer and lots more.

Compatibility: iOS 6.0 and higher

Available at: iTunes Store

Pic Mix


If you own a Windows phone, this app will really get you going. Download it and never worry about boredom. This app is filled with dozens of diverse frames for your pictures, easily editable captions, picture effects, filters and much more. The cool part is the contests it offers along with other social elements

Compatibility: Windows Phone 8 and 8.1

Available at: Windows Phone App Store

 Best Me selfie camera

Best-me selfie cam

The name is self explanatory. The app allows you to edit the pictures in the best possible way. It includes various filters, stickers, emoji’s and other elements to keep the selfie obsessed peeps busy all day long.

Compatibility: Android Phones

Available at: Google Play Store

Bestie Selfie App


Launched by Camera 360, you can imagine the fascinating features this app has to offer. The app concentrates on a collection of beautiful filters, easy beautification techniques such as, face shaper, eye color changer, etc. It also includes effects such as double exposure, brightness and contrast.

Compatibility: Android Phones and iPhone

Available at: Google Store and iTunes Store



An exceptional app for photographers. Prisma allows you to explore your creative side and effortlessly changes your selfies into works of art. This app includes modern and artistic filters, wonderful picture effects and lots more.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad

Available at: iTunes Store

PIP Camera


PIP Camera is known for its adorably artistic features when it comes to editing pictures on the phone. The filters are like none other, which allow you to transform your image into a bubble, a bottle, a heart or whatever you prefer.

Compatibility: Android Phone and iPhone

Available at: Google Store and iTunes Store



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