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Best Fast Food Joints in Dubai


It seems like you can find fast food restaurant on nearly every street corner in UAE. Fast food has become very popular in UAE over the past 10 years. Many people in the UAE are working long hours, shifts, or extended school days. Affordability, convenience and quick service have made the fast food appealing. The best thing about fast food is that you can eat it any time and it is always in the budget. A wide variety of fast food styles lets you experience foods from various cuisines and cultures so that you don’t need to spend a lot of money at a full-service restaurants. Common fast food choices include pizza, burgers, sandwiches, fries and soft drinks. There are a lot of fast food chains in Dubai and all over UAE. We have listed the best fast food joints in Dubai for you.

Yalla Momos:

yallaThis place is known for being the first Momo joint in Dubai. Yalla Momos looks more like a dollhouse than a restaurant. A tiny eatery, furnished with tiny tables and chairs, serving tiny cups of chai and tinier Momos. The taste of these Momos takes you back to the streets of Delhi and Kolkata, where Momos are a common snack.

Phone: 04 3852233

Cost for Two: AED 45

Timings: 12 Noon to 12 Midnight

Location: Behind Park Regis Hotel, Opposite Bikanerwala, Al Karama, Dubai

Gourmet Burger Kitchen:

gourmet_burger_kitchen-avocado_bacon-1418651911-Gourmet burger kitchen as the name suggests is all about burgers and is originally from the UK. They have the best burgers in town. But what is most amazing thing about this place is that they will let you order an open burger; a burger without buns, which is weirdly awesome. They serve you the patty with all the marination, sauces and cheese with salad but without a bun in the form of an open burger. Their avocado and beef burger is delicious. It is served with onion rings. This place is highly recommended for all burger lovers.

Phone: 04 5509296

Cost for Two: AED 170

Timings: Mon – Sun: 8 AM to 12 Midnight

Location: Promenade Level, Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Marina, Dubai

Shake Shack:

ssThis place is known for its huge luscious Burgers with unique sauces and filling portions. This cool, wooden cabin is always full to bursting. They serve well-made burgers, fries, malt shakes, and frozen custard, that are absolutely delicious. The burgers are a bit expensive and small in size though but its filling and an enjoyable experience with every bite.

Phone: 04 4190370

Cost for Two: AED 150

Timings: Mon – Sun: 10 AM to 12 Midnight

Location: Level 1, Near Waterfront, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


pizza-stockThis place is famous for the best pizzas in town because they create amazing and unique flavors through integrating local and worldwide flavors to their pizzas. Try there tri-color pizza, pizzaly pizza, and green sea pizza all of them are amazing. The street where it is located is also very peaceful and perfect for peaceful pizza delights.

Phone: 04 4535439

Cost for Two: AED 110

Timings: Mon – Sun: 11:30 AM to 2 AM

Location: Jannah Place Hotel, Marsa, Dubai Marina, Dubai


saltThis place is set up at the beach side with a calm view. They have an outdoor seating arrangement for those who love the sun and air conditioned restaurant for those who detest the heat. Salt has the best burgers in town; they would really make you crave in the middle of the night for their burgers.

Phone: Not Available

Cost for Two: AED 100

Timings: Mon – Sun: 12 Noon to 2 AM

Location: Kite Beach, Street 2D, Umm Suqeim, Dubai

Check out these awesome places and let us know your experience in the comments. Happy Eating!

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