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Stay Candlelit with Top Nine Highlighters of 2016


Following your private affix in the beauty corner, while some will opt for colored lips other will go for curled eye lashes. Whereas everyone focuses on perfection, a deeply kept beauty secret includes using the correct highlighter. Highlighters help illuminate the skin all over and give an oh-so-satisfying, picture perfect effect.

Ready to get your hands on the perfect highlighter for yourself? Scroll down and enter the magic world;

Loreal (True Match Lumi Powder Glow)


If you want a glow that lasts all evening, here is your answer. This highlighter combines three different smoldering shades which when applied on the cheeks, leave a natural blended glow.

Color Pop (Lunch Money)

color pop

All these beautiful glowing shades are made for every skin tone. From pearl glow to classic gold, choose your favorite shade. Easily applicable highlighters which effortlessly blend deep in the skin for an everlasting smooth sheen.

Anastasia ( Beverly Hills Illuminator)


Added to shopping list of the Kardashian sisters, this amazing highlighter gives just the right touch to the face with the accurate amount of opalescence. The perfectly milled pigments blend deep into the skin and last literally forever!

Smash Box (Hollywood and Highlight)

smash box

Cream Highlighter anyone? If you have a dry skin, consider this as an answer to your prayers. Go for the cream highlighter stick which is a definite must have. With an application as simple as drawing lines on the cheekbones and nose and simply switching the side for blending it well with the built in sponge! why would you look anywhere else when you have the perfect beauty travel kit packed in one small stick?

Hour Glass (Ambient Light Powder)


Thanx to the beauty bloggers for enlightening us with such an outstanding highlighter which is made for fresh looking skins. With three different shades, wear your favorite for daytime, evening party or a summer beach glow. Helps cover fine lines.

Elf Half Baked (Luminous Powder Highlighters)

elf baked

Craving for a selfie ready glow? Elf is made for you. These highlighters give your skin a soft focus with shimmer on the cheekbones which look totally natural. Beautiful, blendable and within your budget!

NARS (Multiple in Luxor)


All the fair people out there, add Nars highlighter in your cosmetic shopping list. This easy to apply glow stick lights up your face just like Disney princesses. From shades of pearl pink to classy champagne, this stick will get you hooked on it.

NYX (Ultra Pearl Mania)

nyx pearl

While all beauty bloggers focus on fair skin tones, I would like to shed some light on the darker skin toned girls out there. If you have a rich complexion, go for the gold highlighters. These highlighters look more natural and radiant. If you want no tell-tale obvious lines on the face, this highlighter is made for you.

Becca Cosmetics (Shimmering Highlighter)


A healthy skin is all we need. If you need an all-over shimmery glow, opt for this highlighter. Plainly dust off this miraculous champagne highlighter onto your cheeks and inner corners of the eyes and give your skin the classy golden party sheen which will definitely turn all heads towards you.

While I can say I am totally in love with each and every highlighter in this article, you should choose the one that complements your skin, your make up and definitely the kind of weather you have in your city! Until next time, Ciao.


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