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Coconut oil have been used since ancient times to cure a number of various ailments but in present times it is ubiquitously used as a Natural Beauty Enhancer all around the world because it can act as an antioxidants, antibacterial and a natural moisturizer, so can bestow multiple beauty benefits to a person at a time. Some of the most practical coconut oil beauty hacks are:

1.As a muscle relaxant


The massage with moderately warm coconut oil mixed with few drops of lemon or peppermint oil i.e. natural oil will act as a natural body ache reliever by relaxing the muscle. In addition, it nourishes and heals the skin

2. Skin Moisturizer


Dry facial skin blurs the beauty of many ladies. Coconut oil provides a solution to their problem. The fatty content of the coconut oil moisturizes the dry skin thus imparting smoothness and freshness to the face.

3. Waterproof makeup remover

makeup remover

The coconut oil can be used as a cleanser for waterproof makeover. Any makeup ingredient i.e. lipstick, base, mascara or eyeliner even the waterproof makes up can be gently removed by directly applying the oil on the skin or scrubbing with cotton dipped in coconut oil.

4. Hair treatment


Application of the coconut oil in the roots of the hair once a day, particularly at night, will impart multiple advantages to the rough, dry hairs. Hair will be smooth and shiny within the few days of the coconut oil hair treatment as it stimulates the hair growth. It can also help to overcome the hair dandruff problem.

5. Nail cuticle repairing oil


The smooth rubbing of the nails once a day with coconut oil will strengthen the nails and make them softer as well.

6. Coconut oil-A natural lip balm

lip balm

The Coconut Oil is one of the guaranteed natural lip balm for the dried and chapped lip. It will heal the dry lips and make them smooth and attractive

7. Maintenance of mouth cavity

mouth cavity

The anti-fungal and anti- bacterial properties of the coconut oil can be exploited for the maintenance of the mouth cavity. Gargling with the spoon full of coconut oil will freshen up the bad breath. The oil has the power to prevent cavities by killing the bad bacteria resulting in whiter teeth and healthy gums.

8. Face mask


The coconut oil can be mixed with the pure honey to get the natural face mask for even the delicate skin. Moreover, its antioxidant potential and vitamin E present in it can treat scars of the damaged skin, thus making the complexion fairer.

9. Shaving Foam

Shaving Foam

The thick coconut oil can be applied on the legs to be used it as a shaving foam. After sometimes, washing the oil cream will result in shaved, smooth skin

10. A natural deodorant


The aroma of coconut oil can be well utilized when used it as a natural deodorant by applying it on the sites of most sweating areas

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