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Top 8 Beauty Hacks for Beginners


If you are new to makeup, or already a pro, don’t mind learning a few tricks to make your life easy, then you have come to the right place. I will share my Top 8 Beauty Hacks that totally work and would easily become a part of your daily routine.

Using Tape for Eye Makeup

using tape for eye makeup
How many times it probably happened to you that you needed to create a sharp edge eyeshadow look, but ended up with your eyeshadow everywhere. The simple hack for your trouble is to use a tape to create a sharp line eye look and without the effort of cleaning excess eyeshadow afterwards, it will give you a cat eye look.

Cut Crease Eye Look using a Spoon

cut crease using a spoon
If you are new to makeup than you probably know how hard it is to do a cut crease eye look. Especially, if you have hooded eyes, it is never easy to find your crease. However, with the spoon hack, you can easily do a cut crease eye look without it looking too odd on your eyes.

Dry your Nails fast using Cold Water

drying nail polish using cold water
You have a freshly applied nail paint and can’t seem to dry it fast? Dip your nails in ice-cold water and it will cut the drying time to less than half. This hack is especially useful if you are in a hurry and want your nail polish to dry quickly.

Use Hairdryer for Curling Lashes faster

curling eyelashes with hair dryer
If your eyelashes are the stubborn type and won’t curl easily or they don’t hold the curl for long, then the best hack for you is to warm up your eyelash curler using the hairdryer, let it cool down for few seconds and then curl your lashes. It will not only curl your lashes faster, but the curl will last longer.

Use Red Lipstick as a Color Corrector

using red lipstick as concealer
Tired of your dark circles peeking through your concealer? Don’t want to spend on expensive color correctors?  Then any creamy red lipstick you have is your best friend. Apply it underneath your concealer and the red lipstick will cancel out the darkness, making your dark circles less visible.

Use of Spoon to apply Mascara 

spoon to apply mascara
If you have a mono-lid or you can’t keep your hands steady, then there is a bright chance your mascara ends up on your eyelids, spoiling your eye look. To avoid that, put the round side of the spoon under your lashes and all the excess mascara will end up on the spoon.

Use a Business card to create a perfect Winged liner

using business card to apply eyeliner

Creating a perfect winged line sometimes get hard for even the pro makeup artists out there. So, if you can’t create a perfect winged line or want to cut the time you spend on doing your eyeliner, then use a business card and trace the line around its edges. This way you can achieve the perfect winged line.

Fixing your broken powder product using Rubbing Alcohol 

using rubbing alcohl to fix broken powder
The moment your favourite powder product break, it shatters your dreams with it. A broken powder product is now useless for you right?  No! Wrong. Now you can revive your favourite powder product using rubbing alcohol only and it would be as good as new without changing its consistency.

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