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Farah Dhukai Highlight and Contour with no Makeup

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If you haven’t seen the famous blogger Farah Dhukai’s latest Instagram video on How to contour and Highlight your Face without Makeup, then you probably live under a rock. This video has become the hype in the beauty world. Can you really Contour and Highlight without Makeup? See the video and results for yourself.

highlight and contour no makeup

According to Farah Dhukai, she uses this concoction as a Contour and Highlight mask and the results are very subtle. If you are into drag contouring, this mask might not be for you. This mask also works as a multi-mask and the ingredients are actually good for your skin.

Farah Dhukai says, the highlight mask brightens and lightens your skin, whereas the Contour mask tightens your skin. She advises to do a test patch first, in case some people would be allergic to the ingredients. Other than that these masks are very hydrating and help exfoliate your skin.

no makeup highlight

She starts by making two mixtures, one with rose petals, honey and yogurt in it, which is the white mask and helps in Highlighting your face. She applies the mask on the centre of her forehead, on her chin, her cheeks and below her jawline.

contour mask

Farah mixes coffee, cacao powder and honey to make the contour mask and she applies it to her hairline, the hollows of her cheekbones, her jawline and on the sides of her nose. She also applies a small amount to her cupid bow and under her lower lip.

contour mask application

According to Farah, all the ingredients are very beneficial, the yogurt has lactic acid, which helps exfoliates the skin and hydrate it. Rose water and honey also help to brighten and hydrate the skin. Whereas cacao and coffee help tighten your skin.

contour mask applied

contouring and highlighting

Farah Dhukai washes her face after the mask is dry and shows her subtle contour and glow, her face looking naturally glowy and beautiful. She suggests using the mask twice a week for best results.


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