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Your getup-and-go food – Best Shawarmas in Dubai


Finding a Shawarma that blows your socks off is a bit rough job if you live in Dubai, because Dubai is teeming with so many eateries right now. Almost every restaurant serves its own version of Shawarma. Funny story actually, there was this place where I used to go with my friends, which served what they liked to call it; An Authentic Lebanese Shawarma. It was affordable, delicious, spicy and everything but not Authentic Lebanese in any way. We ended up calling it Ma-mu (Uncle) Shawarma. If you are a Pakistani you will get the humor in this name but if not then your bad! But it was probably the best Shawarma that I’ve ever had in my life. The point being is that you can find a delicious Shawarma anywhere from a top-notch fancy restaurant to a street shop. In Dubai, Shawarmas are usually served as a sandwich or wrap, with Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Taboon Bread, Tomato, and Cucumber usually topped with Tahini, Hummus, Pickled Turnips or Amba, depending on the place where you eat. Here is the list of top 7 places in Dubai, where you can find a Shawarma that will blow your socks off!


AutomaticThis place is one of the most reliable and delicious Lebanese joints in town. Automatic has been satisfying our grilled meat cravings for a while now and their Shawarma is no different. Their Shawarma is tender, fresh and juicy just enough so that the juice won’t drop down your sleeves. All of their Shawarmas are tasty but to name one, I think their Chicken Shawarma is the best.

Phone: 04 2948333

Cost: AED 8

Timings: Mon – Sun: 10 AM to 1 AM

Location: Near Rigga Metro Station,Al Rigga Street, Al Rigga, Dubai


Chicken-Shawarma_JedThis place probably serves the most authentic Lebanese food in town. Their food has that “homemade” taste that everyone misses. Jedoudna serves up a deliciously good representation of the classic Lebanese Shawarma. Their Shawarma is a bit pricey but do checkout if you want to have a classic Lebanese Shawarma experience in Dubai.

Phone: 04 4356131

Cost: AED 12

Timings: Mon – Sun: 8 AM to 2 AM

Location: Near Bank of Sharjah, Dubai Media City, Dubai

Al Mallah:

Screen-Shot-2014-12-27-at-9.50.09-amThis very old Arabian café is a childhood favorite for most of the people who grew up in Dubai. You can find any kind of Lebanese sandwich here. This place is your destination if you want a delicious Shawarma and nothing more.

Phone: 04 3984962

Cost: AED 7

Timings: Mon – Sun: 6 AM to 2:30 AM

Location: 2nd of December Street, Satwa, Dubai


shaw-sandwichThe one thing I like about this place is that there food is always fresh and delicious. Their Menu is wide and mouth-watering. Price of their Shawarma looks a little steep when you see it on the menu but when the Shawarma comes before your eyes and you see its portion size and taste it, everything feels worth it.

Phone: 04 3988881

Cost: AED 16

Timings: Mon – Sun: 9 AM to 12 Midnight

Location: Opposite Dune Centre, 2nd of December Street, Satwa, Dubai

My Shawarma:

MyShawarmaThis place has quirky interiors with best Shawarmas in town. If you like your Shawarma a bit spicy then must try their spicy chicken one. The other best thing about them is that they even have a large size Shawarma if you are really hungry.

Phone: 04 2753070

Cost: AED 8

Timings: Mon – Sun: 10:30 AM to 2 AM

Location: Emerald Court Building, Barsha 1, Dubai


ShawarmanjiThis place is popular for their wide variety of a bit expensive Shawarmas. The portion size is decent and taste is great. They serve up some great variation of Shawarmas, especially the one with the pomegranate sauce. They also have vegetarian options if you are not much of a meat fan.

Phone: 04 4259499

Cost: AED16

Timings: Mon – Sun: 10:30 AM to 2 AM

Location: Bay Avenue, Executive Towers, Business Bay, Dubai

Al Reef:

shawarma_pitasThis place is usually popular for its Manakish, but they do justice to their classic Shawarma as well. Their Sharma consists of 3 things; garlic sauce, chicken and a little pickle. The simplicity is what makes it so delicious and classic.

Phone: 04 2632700

Cost: AED 8

Timings: Open 24 hours daily

Location: Opposite Dubai Grand Hotel, Damascus Street, Qusais, Dubai

Do checkout these awesome places and let us know your experience in the comments. Happy Eating!

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