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Best Kiss proof lipsticks of all times!


The ultimate frustration is understandable when you decide to finally get geared up, paint your lips red and be on your way to the dinner party when you suddenly notice the lipstick wearing off. Been there? We all have. For this very reason we bring you a list of luscious lipsticks which will promise not come off but also stay kiss proof, eating proof and smiling proof!

These lipsticks are known to last for hours without crumbling apart or leaving a stain on the outer edges of the lips. If you hate your present lipsticks, switch to the perfect ones now.

Kat Von D (Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks)

kat von d

If you want your lipstick to last for hours, here’s your pick. These lip colors are vibrant and guarantee a crisp color all day long!

Urban Decay (Lip Envy)

urban decay

This amazing vanilla scented lip color collection is the best solution for dry lips. Just apply it with the wand and let it do its magic!

Nars Semi Matte Lip Color (Fire Down Below)


This amazingly glossy yet matte lip color is perfect for your evening parties. Best part: Apply one coat for a glossy look or apply two for an intensely bold style.

Sephora ( Cream Lip Stain)


Sephora needs no introduction. With such bright and glossy colors, why would you have to worry about the color crumbling off? Simply apply the color of your choice and walk the streets in style.

Color Pop Ultra Matte lips (Kae, Chi and Rooch)


No lipstick collection is complete without the nude shades. Stay spellbound with such an outstanding finish, hours of lasting stay and zero damage to the lips. These colors are everyone’s favorites this season.

Hard Candy Mouse Velvet Matte Lip colors


We can’t decide whether the long lasting result is the best part or the ultra matte finish? Unveil your beauty secrets by applying these gorgeous shades and drop some jaws!

Make Up Forever  Acrylip (Lip Stain Fuchsia)

artisit forever

Need an all year round lip shade? Here’s the answer to your prayers. The lip stain allows you to wear it during every hour of the day, every month and every season. It keeps the lips moisturized and plump.

Too Faced (Lip Insurance)

too faced

This is not a lipstick ladies! If you want a 100% guarantee that your lip color doesn’t sweep off, simply apply this lip primer on your lips before applying your favorite lipstick. Voila! The color will be glued to your lips all day long!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick (Paint)


We all have a deeper, darker side in us. Well, if you want to explore something new, go for Kylie Jenner’s look (2015) and bring out the hidden Goth in you!

LORAC Co-Stars 8 Hour Long Lip Color & Ultra Glossy Top Coat


The beautiful coral peach shade is taking the fashion industry by the storm this summer. Since it is utterly wearable on a daily basis, it is a must have. The top coat will ensure a glossy look along with the ideal seal.

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