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HIJAB styles for Eid ul Adha 2016


Hijab plays a significant role in the life of Islamic women. Woman feel more secure in society and Islam has given respect in the form of hijab. Hijab is an identification of Islam. All woman are well aware of the term hijab. It is worn on the head to cover the hair. It was an old time when a woman uses to wear hijab in one style, but now the stunning and amazing hijab styles are available in the market. A hijab wear gives a woman awareness and self-confidence.

Hijab is now turned into a fashion asset and varies according to the women perception. There are many brands of hijab are available in UAE which allows a woman to wear out different styles because every girl wants to look beautiful.

Eid ul Adha is that time of year when all woman and girls look for outfits. This is the exciting time when all woman wonder what to wear, which style to adopt for hijab and what makeup you have to wear. So we are here to help you out and have brought the latest fashion for hijab. Go through the step by step tutorial and wear the most inspiring outfit ideas with hijab. These styles are extravagant and perfect to wear on special events.

Turkish Hijab Style


If you like going over the top, then the look is perfect for you. You will definitely love the combinations. This style is perfect for fancy parties because it is accompanied with a beautiful beaded or jewel headpiece. You can wear it with any color combination. Headpieces are a must for the special occasion. The style is a simple front wrap.


Ruffle hijab


Ruffle hijab looks very smart and gives a wow factor to your look. It is a simple look which looks very elegant. It is available in a ready-made but if you want to try it yourself then follow the tutorial. You can enhance your look with a jeweled headpiece.  It looks perfect in nude colors and goes best with a beautiful western dress.


Simple ponytail


It is one of the easiest ways to wear the scarf. You just have to leave one end of the scarf hanging on the shoulder. It looks elegant with the western and eastern dress. If you are an earring lover, then you will be able to wear the earrings as well as necklaces.


Rose top hijab look


It is one of the latest hijab looks which looks very trendy and stylish. It is perfect if you wear the western style dress. Most of the girls make the rose effect on the top of the head; some prefer to wear it on the side while others go for the readymade rose and pin it up on the side of hair.


Braided hijab


Is another variation is the style. It totally rests on on you that whether you want braid on the side of the head or the top. Some woman makes a braid on the side pony tail. The side braid hijab goes from the side to the back of the head. Go through the tutorial.


Multi-shaded hijab


It is not very common hijab style. It looks very spectacular. You can add multi shades in your hijab. It is entirely on your choice that you want to use the multicolored hijab or use two stoles to make a perfect hijab. This hijab style looks great on women with square shape because it helps to conceal the wide jaw bones.


Criss Cross Style


Criss cross style is little hard to implement, and you need the practice to get perfect in it. Once you learn, the results would be perfect. This way is outstanding for the girls with a smaller face. Learn the step by step criss-cross hijab style.


Maatha Patti hijab style


If you have those long necklaces, then you can utilize them by wearing it on your head scarf. This would create a fabulous style, and it looks very different. You can wear this style on occasions, and it complements both, western and eastern wear. If you do not have a long necklace, then you can utilize any heavy earring as shown below.


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