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Visit the new place this Eid!

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The long weekend is just about to start, and we want that you will visit the most exciting place this Eid. The place is very near to UAE and is perfect for a short trip. If you are adventurous and love to explore new and exciting places, then this place is perfect for you. Let us guide you.

The place is known as the Al Hoota Cave which is located in Oman. It is the only cave which is present in Gulf. The place is open for the tourists and is embellished with various stalactites ad stalagmites. The place is estimated to be 2 million years old.


It is located at the base of Jabal Shams in the district known as Al Hamra. This cave is well known among tourists and the locals, but there might be possible you never heard about it.

However, the cave contains artificial lights for the better view and is air conditioned as well. The stairs of the cave are 810 meters above sea level and provides an incredible taxing trek. The enhancing colors of the cave will surely amaze you. The colors from white-gold to the pale pinks and dull reds is simply beautiful. The cave is a natural deposit of calcium as well as magnesium.


The completely refurbished old cave also contains one electric train. The service has been opened on September 5. The researchers have found more than 150 different types of rocks, corals, and wood. The guide will provide more information about the cave. The place also features a fantastic play area for kids, gift shop, and a restaurant.


The website of the cave is launched on September 5th. You can visit the website for the advance booking of the ticket and the price details.

So explore the beauty of the cave because the place is filled with water springs, lake, and underground valleys. It is 5 kilometers deep. Watch the video for more details.

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