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There are numerous things to do in Al Ain. You simply just cannot do the activities but also spend your time by having different sight-seeing and various experiences. Al Ain is a perfect place which is full of adventures. You just have to spend some time exploring the areas. The families in Al Ain can keep themselves entertained. If you are interested in history in you simply cannot miss the things to do in Al Ain. Following is the list.

Wadi Adventure


It is one of the best attractions in the city. Most of the people are aware of the Wadi Adventure which is located in the Middle East. It is a man-made white water area for surfing, rafting, and kayaking facility. It is a great family day out place. You can enjoy the various family swimming pool, kid’s splash area, and an aerial obstacle course.

Al Ain Zoo


This is a family’s favorite day out. Al Ain is a brilliant place. The animals are well kept with well designed, pleasant environment and spacious enclosures. The animals easily wander around so that the people can also have educational experiences. You will enjoy bird show and animal feeding. So plan your day trip to Al Ain Zoo.

Al Ain Palace Museum


It is the former house of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan who is the founder of UAE. It is great to visit the palace because it offers fascinating insight to the visitors. The entry is free.

Al Ain National Museum



Anyone interested in the culture or history would love to visit the Al Ain National Museum. It is not a large museum but artifacts all the Stone Age and archaeological finds. You will find many old images, the traditional tools and various equipment for fishing, medical procedures, weaving, dentistry and much more.

Al Ain Oasis


It is the only Oasis located in the desert. The place is famous for the expensive plantation of palm trees. It gives a perfect shelter during the daytime. You can enjoy listening to birds, and the place is peaceful. Al Ain Oasis also consists of 3000 old technology known as falaj irrigation system. It is also entitled as the Garden City. The entry is free.

Al Jahili Fort


Al Jahili Fort is the prominent place in the country. This place is the summer residence for the Royal families. You surely need to plan your visit because it is an ideal location to get the information about history a gallery hosting temporary exhibitions and a fascinating exhibition. The fort displays an amazing collection of old images. The entry is free in the fort.

Qasr Al Muwaij

This place is usually open for the month of November. It is also a fort which exhibits the charts of history. The fort was of Sheikh Khalifa. It is beautifully restored you will find interactive stories and much information. The entry to the fort is free. It is one of the best places to visit.

Go higher than the Burj Khalifa

If you are visiting and exploring Al Ain, then your trip is not completed without a trip to Jebel Hafeet. The peak is higher than UAE`s Burj Khalifa. The land outlooks a beautiful place. It is known as the world’s best driving place. It is very adventurous, and you can enjoy walking, running, and cycling.

Al Ain Classic Car Museum


Al Ain Classic Car Museum features amazing hundreds of vintage cars. The place is air-conditioned and filled with magnificent machines. It features incredible cars including Jaguar, Mercedes, Ford, Rolls Royce and much more. These cars are luxurious and have come from the previous owners who have driven them across the world.

Hili Fun City


Hili Fun City is an amusement park which is filled with rides and family roller coasters. It offers a variety of gentle rides, owns a cinema, an Amphi theatre and various attractions for families.

Mubazzarah Park


The park is located just below the Jebel Hafeet. Mubazzarah Park is enveloped in green amid and is a dry landscape. The place has natural oasis with many mineral hot springs to soak in. It is a favorite spot for the families who wants to picnic on weekends.

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