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Have an amazing experience at Dubai Dolphinarium

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Dubai Dolphinarium is an indoor fully air conditioned place located inside the Creek Park. It is the only place in the Middle East which provides habitat to dolphins and various seals.  It acts as an edutainment for the whole family. It is true that dolphins have always fascinated the humanity and Dubai bring together the world of humans and dolphins. A visit at Dubai Dolphinarium lets you avail the opportunity to learn and interact with exotic birds, seals, and magnificent dolphins.


There are various special shows hosted every day which give you a chance to meet the dolphins. You will be able to see the astounding skills of the amazing animals in the show. You will be able to watch the dolphins dancing, juggling, playing ball, performing acrobatics and even paint. The dolphin show timings vary according to the show but starts at 11:00 AM. The availability of seats is served on the first come –first, serve basis.

Attractions at Dubai Dolphinarium

The Dolphin planet offers various attractions. The three types of dolphin interaction are suitable for children as well as adults. From poolside to deep water adventures, there is fantastic attraction available for the family. It is a must do activity and a perfect place to enjoy. Following are the top attractions available at Dubai Dolphinarium

  • Dolphin Meet and Greet

defaultIt is a perfect show for those who do not want to get wet. You will be able to touch, play and kiss the dolphins. It is a suitable attraction for young children and non-swimmers.

  • Dolphin Encounter’s

maxresdefault-1The Dubai Dolphinarium features the shallow water which lets the visitors to interact with the dolphins. You can supervise them with the professional trainer. Now play ball, enjoy singing and dance with the high energy dolphins. The pool is of knee-height which is ideal for everyone.

  • Majestic Dolphin swim

Now you can connect with your dolphins with the majestic dolphin swim. You can have a belly ride and hop on for dorsal fin tow. You can kiss and hug the dolphins under the supervision of an expert trainer. The coach will share the information about natural habitat, behavior and more about the dolphin. It is ideal for confident swimmers.

  • Exotic bird show

parrotDubai Dolphinarium is also a home to more than 20 species of birds and parrots. The birds will try to interact with you by dancing and flying overhead. You will be able to learn about their diets, training, natural habitats and much more.

Get to know about more attractions on the official website of Dubai Dolphinarium.

Ticketing information

The children must be accompanied by parents or adults to enter Dubai Dolphinarium. You have to pay the entrance fee at the park, and the ticket of every show varies.

  • The VIP tickets of the morning show are 120 AED for adult per person and 80 AED per child.
  • The regular ticket of the morning show is 100 AED per adult and 50 AED per child.

You can read the ticketing information of other shows on the official website of Dubai Dolphinarium.

Discounts and promotion

  • Dolphinarium official website


Dolphinarium allows the families to avail the tickets and vouchers from the official website. Visit the website for the advance booking, to avail vouchers and coupons. So book the tickets online now at Dubai Dolphinarium.

  • Travel destination site

Are you looking for the dynamic website to book the tickets online through a travel destination site then visit Trip Advisor now. You can book the various passes and entrance ticket through Get your guide as well.

  • Entertainer Book


If you do not want to avail the discounts or book through the travel destination site, then avail the discounts through the Entertainer book. The entertainer book consists of 40 vouchers which you can avail at Dubai Dolphinarium. The book is full of exciting offers and provides a discount at various leisure activities. You can purchase the entertainer Book from UAE bookstore.

The entertainer app allows you to get fantastic discount offers. The app continuously update the discount offers so that you can have a more exciting experience. The app allows you to share offers among the friends and family. For details visit Entertainer Book Website.

  • Coupons Site

cobone-com-logogroupon_logoDubai Dolphinarium lets the kids and families enjoy various activities. So if you are planning to visit Dolphinarium then do not forget to check discount options at different coupons websites such as Cobone or Groupon. You can visit the top 5 coupon sites for best deals and avail the great savings.

Let your child learn from various activities. So plan your day at Dubai Dolphinarium.












































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