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Things to do in Sharjah

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This is true that Sharjah does not have all the Glam of Dubai, but it is the third largest city which offers a spectrum of attractions, recreational and leisure activities for the visitors and tourists. You can enjoy great scenes with museums, art galleries, and souqs. Following are the list of things which you can enjoy in Sharjah.

Al Majaz Waterfront


When you are in Sharjah, then do not miss the Al Majaz Waterfront. The waterfront features an amazing show with extravaganza sound, lasers, and light. It is great watch the water dancing. The place offers great entertainment and various dining options for families.

Maritime Museum


Maritime Museum depicts the history enveloped in the modern structure. The site owns the seafaring history of thousand years which is located in the Persian Gulf. It also displays the Pearl which the archaeologists claim to be 7000 years old. So plan your day trip to the Maritime Museum.

Sharjah Aquarium


If you are a fan of sea or marine creatures, then Sharjah Aquarium features coral reefs, lagoons, and mangroves. The aquarium consists of more than 250 species including eels, rays, and sharks. If you want to see the fishes close, then you can enjoy the walk through the underwater tunnel.

Al Qasba


It is the most famous tourist attraction. The place lets you enjoy a variety of recreational activities. The place offers modern and high-class entertainment with cultural and leisure attractions. Al Qasba depicts the values and traditions of Arabic life.

Arabian Wildlife Center


The wildlife center is safeguarding many different and rare species. It is a home for more than 100 animals. The main ambition of the place is to promote breeding so that these species must be preserved. They are kept safe in the natural and spacious environment. The place attracts many tourists and is amazing.

Sharjah Heritage Museum


The Sharjah Museum is the largest heritage museum in the Gulf. The place promotes all the permanent and temporary exhibitions. It is constructed in three different portions. It showcases the work of modern artists, Oriental painters and the work of Arab world. The place organizes the related activities and several exhibitions.

Discovery Center

Discovery Centre is the great attraction which is listed in the never ending list of fantastic museums. The discovery center is based on 7 areas with different themes. It is specially designed to promote the role of science and technology. It is the only interactive entertainment and edutainment place which is perfect for children. The place also has a supermarket, recording studio, refreshment facilities and bank.



The Planetarium is a part of the Arab Maritime Transport Academy. A center is a perfect place for school visits and science clubs because it features the study of celestial navigation and astronomy. So enhance your kid’s knowledge by visiting the planetarium.

Sharjah National Park

It is a perfect place for the children to learn flora and fauna of the Arabian Desert. Kids will able to learn about the desert habitats in the park while Diorama Hall depicts the history. The Geology Hall and the Botany section describes the life story on earth with the visual presentation such as tectonic plate drift, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes.

Mega Mall Antic`s Land


Mega Mall consists of 150 shops and has tried best to meet the Dubai standards. It also contains the multiplex cinema with an indoor theme park known as Antic`s Land. The park features many rides including a roller coaster and a haunted house. You can have a tantalizing experience in the heart of Sharjah.





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