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Sheer pleasure of Gliding along the ice at Dubai Ice Rink

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The Dubai Ice Rink is the ice skating rink located in Dubai Mall Downtown. It is Olympic sized, largest and the best-equipped rink available in Dubai. It is always a winter world at the Dubai Ice Rink. The rink is the best place to go for ice skating. It offers many programs for young and adults. They host a variety of competition standard and international events.

The Dubai Ice Rink has the seating capacity of at least 350 people. It is a family oriented attraction which is open for general public. The rink also serves the purpose of multiple venues such as concert arena and the private functions. There is a broad range of café available which offers relaxing and leisure experience for the whole family. It is the official venue for the Emirates Hockey League Cup. It provides a wide range of activities with professional training programs.

If you are planning to go there then the opening hours for the weekdays are 10 AM to 10:45 PM and on weekdays the timings are 11 AM to midnight.

Visit the official website for more details.

Attractions at Dubai Ice Rink

Following are the top attractions for Kids available at Dubai Ice Rink.

  • Public sessions


The general session is 105 minutes. Everyone can enjoy the fantastic experience. If you are skating for the first time then avail this opportunity you will going to perfect your skills.

  • Disco sessions


If you are good in skating, then you can join the disco session. You will be able to perform some coolest moves on the different tunes. The tunes vary from hip-hop to dance, electronic and modern pop. The perfect lighting will surely make your mood, and you will be able to display your excellent skills. You can enjoy some groovy moves with your friends.

  • Experience the winter


You will be able to experience winter all year. The soft flakes fall on the people in the ice rink. The fresh flurries glow wherever they fall. It is the only place in Dubai where snow falls.

  • Family session


Now parents and kids can enjoy the DJ session together. They can have all the fun every Friday and Saturday. It lets you skate on your famous tunes.

You can get more skating session details on the Dubai Ice Rink.

Ticketing Information

  • For the public session the entrance ticket for an adult is 60 AED per person, for a child less than 100 cm is 30 AED and for the spectator, it is 15 AED per person.
  • If you want to enjoy the disco session then per person you have to pay 80 AED and per spectator, the price is 15 AED.
  • The experience to benefit from winter all year you have to pay 100 AED people and 15 AED per spectator.

The tickets of every session vary in pricing. So you can view all the pricing details of the skating on the official Dubai Ice Rink Website.

Discounts and Promotion

  • Dubai Ice Rink official website

Families can avail the convenient method to book their tickets through the official website. Various promotion packages, vouchers and coupons are available on the site. SO view the details at Dubai Ice Rink website.

  • Entertainer Book


If you do not want to avail the packages offered at travel destination sites, then save your money with the Entertainer Book. The book contains more than 40 vouchers which you can tear up and avail the exciting offers. So utilize the coupon and enjoy at various recreational places at the lowest price. The Entertainer Book is available at any UAE store.

The entertainer app also provides various discount offers. If you are planning to visit Dubai Ice Rink, then check the updates regularly to make your experience exciting. You can also plan the trip with your friends and family by sharing the offers with them. For more details visit the Entertainer Book Website.

  • Coupons site


Dubai Ice Rink allows various kids and families to engage in skating sessions. If you are planning your visit to Ice Rink, then do not forget to check the discount options available at Cobone and Groupon. You can visit the top 5 coupon sites for the great savings and best deals.

Enjoy at the must visit attraction and the sports venue.

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