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Exotic marine life at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

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Now you can experience the wonders of the world largest Aquarium and Underwater Zoo in Dubai. When you are in Dubai, you surely want to visit the most major shopping, entertainment destination which offers a wide range of activities. It is based on the third floor of The Dubai Mall providing a home to more than 140 species of sea life and offers several experiences. The Aquarium contains 10 million liters of water with 33,000 aquatic animals and contains the largest sand tiger sharks. Visitors can get a complete fisheye view with stingrays swimming and the sand tiger sharks. It allows the guests to enjoy glass bottom boat tour and snorkeling cage view.


You will be able to look at the underwater world with the viewing panel. It enables you to take a walk along the tunnel. Your eyes will admire the colorful aquatic life and will be able to explore the underwater zoo. The recent attraction available in the animal kingdom is the King Crocodile. So feel adventurous and avail this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The place is open for the visitors from 10:00 AM -12:00 AM (midnight)

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Attraction at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo consists of many attractions but following are the top attractions which you need to discover

  • Aquarium Tank


It is one of the largest aquarium in the world. It contains thousands of aquatic animals with at least 140 species and more than 300 sharks ad Rays. The Tank includes the largest number of sand tiger sharks. The numerous types of visitors can experience the main Aquarium tank.It is 20 meters in width, 51 meters in length and 11 meters in height.

  • Fantastic ocean adventures


The underwater zoo contains the most fascinating and amazing creatures. It allows you to explore the aquatic life closely with breathtaking adventures such as cage snorkeling, shark walker, shark dive and discover scuba dive. A week shark exhibit is offered in association with Discovery Channel and OSN. So engage in an incredible aquatic adventure.

  • The King Croc


The King Croc who weighs at least 750 kgs is measured 5m in length and is one of the massive animals who have recently arrived at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Soon the crocodile will be moved to a more protected and secure environment located in Australia.

  • The ocean school


The ocean school is specifically designed for the students. The students can interact with the diverse range of marine life. They will learn about the undersea life in the education program. The training program is unique, safe and engaging. It lets students investigate and observe the various ecological concepts.

Ticketing information

  • For the researcher experience, the price for adult and child is 100 AED per person.
  • For the explorer experience, the price is 120 AED per person for both child and adult.
  • Price for the junior aquarist the price is 150 AED per child must be of 5 to 7 years old and for the senior aquarist, the price is 250 AED per child age from 8 years and above.

The ticketing price varies regarding the attraction you will visit. For more ticketing and price information visit the official website of Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

Discounts and promotions

  • Official website

You can book your ticket from the official website of Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Visit the website for online booking or you can book the ticket through the official website of The Dubai Mall.

  • Travel destination site


If you are looking for the reliable online travel destination, then you can book your ticket online via Trip Advisor and Get your Guide. You can avail various packages on these sites as well.

  • Entertainer Book


You can save your money by buying the entertainment voucher booklet. The booklet contains more than 40 vouchers which can be used at different recreational places. It will be full of exciting Buy One Get one Free offer. So use the voucher for Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. You can get the Entertainer book from any UAE bookstore or can also download the app. The application will make your experience great with the exclusive offers added every month.

For more details visit the website of Entertainer Book.

  • Coupons site


Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo lets you enjoy and engage in many activities. So if you are planning your trip then do not forget to check the coupon discounts available at Cobone and GroupOn. Visit the top 5 coupon sites to avail the best deals. Visit the official website to avail the great savings.

Let the fun begin and be an expl orer.

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