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Live the heritage with Dubai Museum

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Dubai Museum had become official in 1971 when the Federation was formed. It consists of the 4000 square meters area located on the Al Fahidi Street. The museum depicts the history of Dubai and the original heritage. The Museum is established in the Al Fahidi Fort and give the opportunity to the visitors to get full and rich knowledge about the history of Dubai. The visitors will be able to get acquainted with the different rural and urban lives in Dubai. It shows the coastal, desert, marine, mountain and agricultural life.


The museum contains monument wings displaying the antique tombs, buildings, weapons, pottery and urban communities. A visit to Dubai Museum gives a complete contrast between the modernism, current development, and the civilized journey. A perfect example and the strong bond is shared between Islam and Arabism. The museum consolidates the confidence that the current Dubai progress is based on the deeply rooted civilization. So plan your visit to the Dubai Museum with the free tour guidance.

The timings from Saturday to Thursday are 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM and on Friday it remains open from 2:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

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Attractions at Dubai Museum

Following are the famous attraction at Dubai Museum

  • Traditional displays


The exhibition of the museum is incredibly extraordinary and traditional. The exhibits focus on the small city states multifaceted history and the cultural richness. There would be low wooden boats, barasti houses with natural air conditioning system. The museum galleries are highlighted with the archeological ruins pre-oil era and the pearl farming industry.

  • Multimedia presentation

In the basement area of the museum, there is an impressive display which shows well-researched multimedia presentation. The display demonstrates the transformation of the small city into the modest town.

  • Life size Dioramas


One of the most surprising and intriguing section of the museum is the galleries which provide comprehensive details and the traditional lifestyle of Dubai. The life-size dioramas elucidate the date farms, desert life, souks, mosques, ancient Arab houses and many other things.

Just do not forget to enjoy the virtual tour of Dubai Museum.

Ticketing information

The entry ticket for the Dubai Museum for adults is 3 AED per person and 1 AED per child under the age of 6.

For more ticketing, information and guidelines visit the official website of Dubai Museum.

Enjoy the traditional tour at Dubai Museum.




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