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Quick Ice Cream Method by Chef Raj Mohan


Everyone loves ice cream. It is best in any flavor and any form. You might be hearing about the ice cream parlor opening every new month in Dubai. The various ice cream brands are hitting the shelves of the supermarket. The Instagram and Facebook users are posting about the ice curls as well as the soft serve on their ice cream cones. It is evident the ice cream lovers in Dubai are more than anywhere in the world. The scorching heat has increased the ice cream lovers, and it is the favorite dessert. So try out the new 50-second recipe to make your ice cream.

You can make this ice cream in a great way with just three easy steps to follow and it worth it. It would be the pure and the yummiest ice cream you have ever tasted. Try it out and make it by yourself.

The Vanilla Ice cream




Coffee Ice cream


Biscuit and Chocolate chips ice cream


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