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Jeffree Star Louis Vuitton Haul


Jeffree Star needs no introduction, with millions of fans around the world, you probably know him if you don’t live under a rock. Most of the people know him for being a YouTube Beauty Guru who owns a makeup brand, whereas other know him since his days back as a part of a good music band.

jeffree star louis vuitton

Everything about Jeffree Star is mesmerising, his sense of fashion, relationship goals with his partner Nathan, his exquisite taste for expensive things and his very adorable four children Diva, Delicious, Diamond and the newest addition to the family Daddy, i.e. his cute puppies.

You can always see haul videos of Jeffree Star on YouTube, which features very expensive and very worth the splurge items. Recently, Jeffree amazed everyone with his GUCCI and Louis Vuitton hauls, but his Louis Vuitton haul was epic containing 35000$ worth items. I mean 35000$ is a lot of money. You can refurnish your whole house with it or buy a small vacation home or even pay for your child’s college fees with it.

jeffree star

Jeffree is a Louis Vuitton devoted fan and buyer, he even has Louis Vuitton initials tattooed on his finger. Jeffree bought three backpacks, five handbags, two scarves, two pairs of trainers, one pair of boots, one laptop bag, one makeup pouch and three luggage bags from Louis Vuitton new fall collection.

The bags are the most beautiful handbags you have ever seen and also the main reason for our attention. He got three spacious tote bags in taupe, brown and coral colour, which look perfect to carry any day. A beautiful pink small purse for evening parties and a navy handbag perfect for office use. He also got one small backpack in a cheetah print and two classic brown Louis Vuitton backpacks great for travelling.

jeffree star LV

The scarves are the most beautiful, soft, velvety pink and light peachy scarves you will ever see. He also got two Louis Vuitton classic matte black logo trainers for him and Nathan, shiny black ankle boots and a black laptop bag. Nathan also bought a Louis Vuitton small brown makeup bag for Jeffree, which perfectly matches his brown Louis tote bag. The matching black luggage bags and a brown bag they got, makes them the perfectly always matching stylish couple.

The Jeffree Star fall Louis Vuitton Haul might intrigue the inner shopaholic in you to go out now and buy one of the jaws dropping beautiful handbags Jeffree got. This sounds like a perfect plan for today unless you don’t have too many extra dollars to spare, in that case, a bag from Forever 21 or ASOS will make a fine addition to your handbags collection.

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