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Bake delicious Brownie for your Chocolate Cravings


You can satisfy the chocolate cravings with delicious and easy brownie recipe. The special easy to bake recipe will give it a super fudgy inner and the crispy or crackly texture. A brownie is a dessert which is square in shape and was introduced in the US but now it is loved by every person who is the chocolate fan. So let’s try the recipe by Senora Bonita.


  • Cocoa Powder: 3/4 cup (Good quality like HERSHEY’S but must be unsweetened)
  • Baking soda: 1/2 tsp
  • Margarine or Butter: 2/3 cup (melted)
  • Boiling water: 1/2 cup
  • Granulated sugar: 2 cups
  • Eggs: 2 large
  • All-purpose flour: 1-1/3 cups
  • Vanilla extract: 1 tsp
  • Salt: 1/4 tsp
  • Chocolate Chips: 1 cup (Good Quality)

Directions to make

Now heat oven to 350°F. Make sure to grease 13 x 9 x 2-inch or square baking pan neatly. You can use two 8-inch baking pan as well. Just mix baking soda, cocoa in a large bowl then while stirring add half butter in it. Now add boiling water and keep on mixing until the mixture thickens

Just mix eggs, sugar, and remaining butter. Make sure the mixture gets smooth. Add vanilla, flour, and salt. Blend the ingredients completely and mix chocolate chips at the end. Now pour the mixture into greased pan. You may also attach greased parchment paper into pan.

Bake the mixture for at least 30 minutes. Make sure that the brownie bakes until it comes out of the pan and the crust becomes hard and cracked. Let it cool completely. Now Frost with Ganache if desired. As brownies are always served in squares so cut it into a square shape. You will be able to make 36 small size brownies.

The choice of using chocolate chips is optional.

Enjoy having yummy brownies. You will love it.

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