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Take a trip along Dubai Water Canal

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It is possible that the idea of boat speeding may give a flashback of the James Bond film. If you surely want to give it a try, then the excellent news is that Dubai, in reality, is featuring the speed boating in the new Dubai Water Canal. The RTA have announced that there will be nine marine stations will open its gates at the Dubai Canal. The traffic at the Sheikh Zayed Road will surely be beaten up with the new Dubai Canal. The Ferries and Water Taxis will change the direction of traffic towards the waterway which will start from this Monday. However, RTA has not announced any official date.


The Dubai Media Office has announced that the waterway service will open next day of water Canal. However, most of the stations were open right after two days for the complete service. The new ferries and water taxis will run on five different stops including the Canal itself. The total number of marine stations have changed to 42 in Dubai. The upcoming stations will be in Jumeirah, Al Wasl, Safa Park, Sheikh Zayed Road and Dubai Canal. The Business Bay will cover Al Wajeha Al Maeyah, Marasi, Dubai Design District and Business Bay.

The new ferry service which started from Al Jaddaf will travel between five stations and at least three times a day at 10 AM, 12 PM and 5:30 PM.


The water taxi will travel from 10 AM to 10 PM and can be requested from all of the new stations. The recent Dubai ferry station between the Al Ghubaiba Station and Marina Mall will be changed and named as the Dubai Call Station. It will link to Marina Mall. Al Ghubaiba, Al Jaddaf and Business Bay. This will allow to provide a safe and smooth service to all the citizens.


The cost of the new services varies according to class. Two classes are recently announced for the service.

  • The silver class costs approx. Dhs 15 and Dhs 50
  • Gold class costs between Dhs 25 and Dhs 75

The fare also varies between the numbers of stations you travel. The cost of water taxi ranges from Dhs 55 and Dhs 205. If you want a tour for a complete hour, then it will be Dhs 400. Then ferry will carry 100 passengers while water taxi seats carry 11 people at one time.gate-towers

Dubai Canal is 3.2 Km and runs from the Business Bay to Arabian Gulf. It is Six meters Deep and used for the water traffic. It is not about the aqua activities. The entire canal is lined with restaurants, parks, retail, seating areas, greenery, and environment-friendly lighting. So if you are excited about it, Water Canal is worth visiting.


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