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Personality Tests in “Psychobook”

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Lately, a book has been released in the world of psychology named “Psycho book”. In the book beyond complaining about the mother, stress and sharing feelings, some interesting things have been revealed.  The book contains games, questionnaire, and tests through which the inner thoughts of the person could be revealed. The number of the tests is 19. The person just has to see the picture and tell what he perceives and then scroll down to see what it means.

The picture shown above is the part of personality test. This picture is from the psycho book. By looking at it at first sight, someone may perceive it as the roast chicken, a screaming cartoon cat, a faceless woman, etc. Let us see what the realities behind these perceptions are?


A Roast Chicken:

After having a first look if someone perceives it as the roast chicken. It means that person has confused personality. He may have some confusion about what he is doing. However, he is very clear about his needs.

A screaming cat:

If someone takes it as yelling cat, it means the person is good at giving a solution to the problems. The person wants to be dominant.

A faceless woman, a person in a wig or a judge:

 If the person perceives the picture as the woman with no face or a person in a wig or as a judge, then such people are impatient. The person sets high values for his self. Moreover, he expects it from others too.

Jaws approached by a pair of forceps:

Such people are loyal to themselves, but if others do not like it, they do not care.

A Rocket or a tower:

The perceivers of a rocket or tower are hard workers and highly motivated. They are highly stable in their professional life but needs some attention towards their private life.

 While looking at picture, some may perceive it as:


A man is bending:

Such people are highly motivated. And they have much capacity to lead in any field of life.

A pair of rams butting heads:

These people are trustworthy. They have the capability to control and motivate them self. They know what they are doing at the work place and this thing inspires their boss colleagues and customers. However, at the same time, they have very puzzled and nervous personalities.

A scorpion:

They are very smooth within them self. However, due to a disturbance in sleep and food, they may become physically ill. Because they are sensitive too.

A crab:

The perceivers of crab are more likely to be romantic. They have confused personalities. They do not know have surety about if they lose their peace because of unrest in any relationship.

Fallopian tubes:

There is no movement and activity in the professional or private life of such people. Reality is always opposite to your expectations. Ans what you acquire don’t seems sufficient.

If you perceive:


Two figures are bending forward possibly in prayer:

You show patience in every condition. You make decisions using your intelligence instead of your emotions. If you care for someone, then you would care him by heart and would not compromise on less.

A racing car, two babies having fur or demons:

you have got great power for making new ideas or images or concepts of external objects. You are good at observing people. Moreover, see what’s their view point is about things. And you have the instinct to relate things with metaphor.

A barber’s or dentist’s chair:

you are quick to detect to or respond to slight changes. And you take slight things sadly on the heart. You are a very clear picture of what you feel. And you favor to simple and relaxed environment.

A woman lying down with her open legs:

Due to some unpleasant or something worrying you are unable to concentrate. You always seek the balance in life. You always take care of your physical conditions.

Two dark faces about to invade a figure:

You always start a task and leave it unfinished. Moreover, the status of work in progress remains always.

If you see


A scarab:

You do not have to make an effort for gaining success. It comes to you by itself. You are good at coping up with any situation. You always set schemes and then follow them. You are hardworking.

A pair of emus facing each other while wearing feather boas:

You love living a life full of charm. You love living life to a high standard. You know all night life entertainment spots, but due to less inner courage, you do not go there.

Two pairs of buzzing birds with beating wings:

You love beauty and the beautiful things. Moreover, you always search for beautiful things.

Beard, Sunglasses or a bra:

you are excessively concerned with material possessions. You love to dress up. However, you often think that the solution to your internal problems is having fun.

A skeleton or bones:

You think that your life is like a roller coaster; like life, problems are always being repeated. You are very insecure about your life. You think that your life would come to an end.

A flying figure, an alien with stubby feet, or a bikini-wearing woman:

You depend on the exercises for keeping yourself fit. You like to talk to your friends to whom you have not talked to since long.

If you see


Springtime pansies or a bird of paradise: You are very attractive and very humble person. You like discussions on different topics and generally like those people from whom you have learned some lesson.

Pressed flowers: As a child, you were blessed with high attentions. Moreover, you have high expectation from yourself.

A moth, butterfly, or dragonfly: 

you are very free from outside control. You may get pinched to get the attention of people. However, you also know that it requires a great struggle to gain the attention of people. You cannot do what people want you to do.

Eyes in darkness with blinkers on:

you over think the matters. Moreover, you live within yourself. In short, you have a very depressed personality.





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