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Another Guy Risks his life to seek attention on social Media

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There are many ways to move fast or in an abrupt manner. We all are well familiar of the sport of leaping from the bridge, skydiving and wing walking. For all such sport one must have a supervisor. Recently a video of a crazy guy is getting viral on social media. The guy risks his life to become famous on social media.

In video he tried to explore a 260m high building. He explores it in way no other person did before. This type of craziness is not happening for the first time. Many people risk their life just for the sake of a picture, in order to attain the attention of people across the world. A very recent example is of a guy named James Kingston who also risks his life on another Dubai skyscraper. The only question which remained unsolved in the mind of many people is “is it worth risking life for the sake of a picture?”

Many people are supporting the guy and giving the guy attributes of being ‘strong’, ‘brave’ and to his video ‘epic’ and ‘amazing’. But of course people like us are not supporting it. And if we would not support them by feeding their fame by sharing the pictures, videos and names, they won’t do it after. But by giving them fame we give them courage to do it again.

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