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A New Record Set by Dubai …. Have a Look…

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The 2016 year was a great year for Dubai and the year will need to end with a Bang. With many other records, Dubai is going to set another world record and will make an entry in Guinness. Every day, Dubai is growing ad introducing innovative things for the citizens. Similarly, one more achievement was made on 26th December at Waterfront Festival Bay. A stealing show was seen at Dubai Festival City.

The multi-sensory show was simply amazing and have gripped attention of many people. The show was great, and when the curtain drops, the viewers were awe inspiring. Festival City has made arrangements to light up the sky like dancing, singing and jaw-dropping Ballerina which is fused with elements like fire, water, lasers, song, dance and lights. However, it is just a beginning because there is a lot more to show.

The Secret of Festival Bay

It took almost three years to build Festival Bay waterfront. The launch was attractive and bold. This Monday details are made and have uncovered the juicy details. You will surely be excited.  You will not believe your own eyes because True Dubai style is revealed with a well-choreographed performance. There were 30 dancing fountains altogether embedded with intertwines fire jets, gigantic aqua screens, lasers and 3D projections. The view was very impressive and visible from even 55 kilometers of distance.

Now forget Singapore, Las Vegas, Dubai is making a statement on global stage. Testing of project is still going on and have allowed people to sneak peek at this amazing video:-

Be there on time…

The event will start at 4 PM and many top RJ will be entertaining the crowds. People will be able to have live radio broadcasts from Festival Bay. It is best to be a part of fully interactive and the amazing party which will have giveaways, competitions, street dancers and a host of happenings. Dubai Shopping Festival will soon be opening so take part in it. The participants do not have to buy tickets. And still, can participate.

So if you are among the 5000 visitors, then you can get free interactive LED wristband and can be a part of Spectacular show.

Laser Tunnel


Now if you want to have a look at Laser Tunnel then check it out. The amazing Laser Tunnel has been installed in Festival Square. It is a 20-metre tunnel which is embedded with multi-sensors which provide a variety of colors. It is free for all. So join the festival on December 26 and get a complimentary photo print.

Chance to win Prizes

Festival City provides great celebration mode to all users. You will be able to walk away with fabulous prizes. Shoppers can spend AED 250 at Festival City Mall, and you will get a chance to spend a night with four people at Intercontinental Hotel. A grand prize will be new Lexus LX570 2017. Bring your family with yourself and enjoy the event.

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