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Christmas Tree is decorated at Emirates Palace

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Dubai has decorated 40 feet tall Christmas tree which is placed at Emirates Palace. The tree is very tall and decorated with 100 string lights which own more than 2100 imported glass ornaments.


It is the tallest Christmas tree recently in UAE. Emirates Palace is one of the well-known hotels in capital.

The tree stands in the lobby of Palace and is attracting hundreds of visitors with amazement. The hotel executives have told that at least 20 people worked in rotation for 33 hours to decorate and complete this tree. Many certified professionals were even airlifted so that they can fix the lights and various jewels. The exact value of jewelry is not confirmed by the hotel, but a variety of gold necklaces, bracelets, diamond necklaces and even precious stones were hung.


In 2010 at least 13 meters tallest fake tree was held in lobby ad worth Dh 11 million. The jewelry providers said that it was decorated with pearls emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. The evergreen tree costs about $10,000.

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