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Sneak Peek: Gauri’S Khan Dubai Home

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Take a look at Khan’s corner in Dubai Villa. Villa is present at Palm Jumeirah.

You be wondering that how Shahrukh Khan and Gauri villa in Dubai will look like from the inside. The fan following of both actors is unlimited worldwide. Everyone wants to know their living style and adore them. Shahrukh Khan with his three children in 2016 concealed spectacular fireworks. Khan loves to throw legendary and lavish parties to all his colleagues. Recently he visits Dubai for the promotion of his movie, but his wife laid back vibe of her incredible mansion which looks so appealing. Gauri Khan has said that year ends with family togetherness and celebrations. UAE is one of favorite getaways for all family. It is a perfect place for reunion and Dubai offers a great place to enjoy.

This is a recent photo of a classy lady. It is a signature villa in Palm Jumeirah Dubai.


The House is a holiday retreat for family and cost Rs 17. 84 crore. It comprises of six bedrooms on 14,000 sq. Ft. It is well equipped with best amenities.

Read interview with Gauri


Tell us about Journey of design

Gauri states “I love designing and staying in creative process. I have worked on interiors especially of Mannat with architect. The process was very great, and I enjoyed. This is the main reason Gauri Khan Design Studio have formed. It is evolved into stores available in Mumbai and one in Delhi Defence Colony. ”

How does it feel to showcase at Maison&Objet in Paris?

The world’s premium design fair in Paris Maison&Objet can only be enjoyed by invitation only. I felt honored to be invited to show. It is a very prestigious forum to be a part of it especially when I offer design and craft for India. However, I do look forward.

What factors have you in mind before choosing Villa at Palm Jumeirah?


It is true that Dubai is love and having a home in Dubai is great. I love the exclusivity of villas because they are accompanied with beautiful views, skyline, and facilities including resorts, clubs, and beaches. Having a home in Dubai is unique.

What’s the process of converting Dubai House into Home?

The Home in Dubai is a beach house. It is casual in tone and interior. It is a holiday home. We spend most time on the beach, in sun or pool. It is a perfect outdoor place. We enjoy on mud bikes, football posts and boat. Our pool is heated. Mannat is Home.

What’s yours and Shahrukh favorite corner at Villa?


There are many favorite spots, but Shahrukh and I do love the corner in living room. We love to relax on the couch near window which overlooks sea and garden. It is a great place to have a cup of tea.

How’s the Children room at Villa?


The detailing and designing of every room are according to children’s interest. The flooring and wall covers in Villa are pre-designed. Aryans love to spend most of his time with video games and spend most of time there, so his room has large TV. While Abram spends time on beach and Suhana loves to be by pool.

Who has done the interiors of Villa?

The villa`s original floor, wall covers, and ceiling is retained. I have styled the villa with the furniture pieces and created at my design studio.

What’s the brief you have in head while decorating Villa?

My design preference is always comfort, warmth, and minimalism. As Villa is a place where family can spend converges for holidays and kids are back from tiring routine of boarding schools. So main focus is ease.




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